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THE GIST: CLEVER senior project manager in the SF Bay Area with a passion for desserts, dogs, food, music, travel, and sports.

THE BLOG: First, why the name craftycarmen? It originated from rapper/actor Jin, whose online alias was once Crafty Jin some odd years ago. Many of his fans, including me, flocked to get a Crafty [your name here] username, and it just stuck ever since.

craftycarmen is a place where I share photos and stories about everyday life, passions, and interests while living and breathing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Between food, concerts, travel, and more, this isn't only a place where I can document the experiences, but where I can bring you with me along these adventures. This blog is essentially a long-form version of my Instagram account, which is where I often share what's happening. I hope you stay awhile and find as much joy in reading about these adventures as I am writing about them.



I’m a proud San Francisco Bay Area native.

I have a crazy, but oh-so-lovable havanese/poodle/pomeranian, Ellie, who rocks in a wheelchair because she has IVDD.

Kingston | craftycarmen

I also have a dog named Kingston. Originally thought to be chihuahua/bull terrier/rat terrier, but starting to believe he's not. Maybe chihuahua and part dachshund? Beagle? I've even heard pit.

I’m a Senior Project Manager at CLEVER, where I started as a social media intern during the last semester of college.

I graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in public relations and an academic focus in marketing in May 2012. I also have a background in journalism, social media, and event planning.

When I’m not on my laptop, you can find me getting my grub on because food.

Jamming at concerts.

Cheering on the Golden State Warriors.

Or stalking them -- you know, same diff...

And rooting for the San Francisco Giants.

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