the carmen in craftycarmen

Carmen Shiu is an influencer marketing expert with six-plus years of experience in the industry. Her career began when she was an intern at the award-winning influencer marketing agency, CLEVER, while earning her Bachelor of Science in public relations with an academic focus in marketing at San José State University in 2012. Over the years, she led and managed hundreds of successful campaigns with numerous Fortune 500 brands and thousands of influencers as a Senior Client Services & Membership Project Manager. She now works “behind the scenes” as a Product Manager at CLEVER.

Well documented on social media and her California-centric blog, craftycarmen, Carmen has a great passion for cooking, dogs, food, music, photography, sports, and travel. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her two dogs, Ellie and Kingston.

The name craftycarmen originated from rapper/actor Jin, whose online alias was once Crafty Jin years ago. Many of his fans flocked to get a Crafty [your name here] username, and it stuck ever since.