Beginning a New Chapter

Alamere Falls in Bolinas, CA | craftycarmen

Hello, world! Welcome to the new and improved craftycarmen.

After neglecting my blog for the past 5-6 months, I finally decided that it was time for an upgrade. A refresh. A new start. And sometimes, that's all you really need in order to get motivated again. (I'm totally digging the look and feel of this layout, way more than what I had before.) Life, right?

As you can see up top, I am now at will still be alive, and will be directed to here, for a few more months, but it will be dunzo once it expires. (Funny, but true story: I actually wanted at the very beginning, but someone bought it no more than a month earlier than I did. Talk about disappointing. Fast forward a year or two, someone contacted me, asking me if I want the domain for thousands of dollars, essentially. Um. No. But I'm glad to see it available again, and here I am!)

When I decided to move away from Wordpress, that also meant deciding whether I want to import my old blog posts here. I realized that it just feels way better to start fresh right now, like clean socks on clean feet. I will, however, most likely bring back some old posts, either as is or revamped, but that's about it.

So bare with me with this bare blog at the moment. There's really not much going on just yet, other than the ABOUT page. But I'm looking forward to filling it up, and seeing you here on a more frequent basis.