Finding Motivation to Run

Let's Go 510 Race 2015 | craftycarmen

Confession: I'm not as active I'm supposed to be, or would like to be. Sometimes, it's hard to find the motivation to take time out of my life to run or go on long walks. But other times, I get into the idea of wanting to go hiking and doing something active.

After my first ever race (5k) last year at the Giant Race, I thought, "Maybe this is the start of something new!" Then, of course, life happened, which meant nothing has happened for a year. Until last week.

Let's Go 510 Race 2015 | craftycarmen

It all started when one of my best friends (who is quite a race medal collector herself), showed me the theme for the upcoming Let's Go 510 race. And um, well, clearly, this was motivation enough because I signed up immediately up for the 5k. We've actually talked about wishing how the Warriors would host/sponsor a race, and this was the closest we can get, for now anyway.

I found out about the race two weeks prior. The week of the race, I finally said to myself, "OK, I got to do something with myself before I just completely die on Sunday." That week, I ran/jogged/ran with Kingston for approximately a mile on Monday. On Wednesday, I jogged with Ellie (poor girl is unable to do a whole run with me) for about a mile. By Friday, I really had no choice but to do the whole 3ish miles. This took me approximately 42 minutes, including some walking and waiting for lights. I thought to myself, "Not bad. If I can do it within 45 minutes on Sunday, I'll be happy."

On Sunday, I dragged myself up and headed to Golden Gate Fields in Albany around 6am. It was dark, cold, and I was feeling a little nervous. I felt a little better after meeting up with my friend though. The race started a tad bit late -- a little after 7am -- as the organizers wanted to make sure it was a bit brighter. Then, boom. It was go time.

I started out steady, knowing that I can't rush the first half of the race. And of course, the first part of the race was a HILL. It wasn't a steep hill, but I was just thinking, "Oh gee, this is lovely." However, it was nice looking out, running right next to the Bay with the San Francisco skyline close by. Some people stopped to take pictures, but I was completely focused on running.

I ran/jogged the whole first mile*, up until it was where the 10k runners kept running and we were supposed to turn around, and also took a quick, much needed water break. After that, it was back up to that dang hill. As much as I wanted to keep running, I knew I had to take a break and walk up at least part of the hill.

Right when I was going downhill, and saw the finish line not too close by, I kind of just really ran. Then I saw the loop, and thought, "SO CLOSE. I can do this!" *Until I realize that the water break was at just the FIRST mile (or somewhere close to it). I still had to go around ANOTHER big loop. Admittedly, I felt kind of disappointed? down? ugh-ish? that I still had so much more to go, in my eyes at least. I tried to run/jog as much as I could here as well, but found myself walking some more because I was just getting tired.

Let's Go 510 Race 2015 | craftycarmen

Finally, I got to where I thought was the final stretch and was thinking that I couldn't stop then. As I always have done, even back in PE classes, I use every strength I have to sprint to the finish line. And screamed in my head, FINALLY.

Let's Go 510 Race 2015 | craftycarmen

As I was waiting for my friend to finish her 10k, I decided to check my time. To my HUGE surprise, I did it in 33 minutes. I quickly checked my Instagram to see my time for the Giants race. And? 33:54. I couldn't believe I beat my time by 54 seconds. I think my biggest shock came from the fact that I did a LOT more training for that race last year and ran/jogged the entire way, compared to my three-time training with time spent on walking this year.

It only makes me think that, if I actually become active, that someday, I could get 5k down to 30 minutes. This would mean eliminating the walking and less jogging (or just jogging faster). Could that be enough motivation? Maybe.

The next race I have coming up is the Color Run in two weeks. It will be a team race, so I'm not concerned about timing this time around. I see this more of having fun, bonding, and getting my teammates to be active. Nonetheless, it is another way to force me to be active!