New Beginnings

It has been quiet here at the blog for the past two months. In real life? Far from it, which is what has pretty much kept me from being able to blog.

Welcome | craftycarmen

The biggest reason why I've been MIA is because I have officially moved. The search has been long and honestly, rather frustrating, but I'm so glad to say that I finally found a place. A place that is still within the Bay Area where I feel fairly safe, accepts my two dogs, and allows me to have a life (aka $$ because the rental market in the Bay Area is NO joke!).

Ellie & Kingston | craftycarmen

I have been doing nothing moving, cleaning, running to IKEA and Target, and making this place my home.

Ellie & Kingston | craftycarmen

The couch was the last big piece of furniture (excluding a second desk) I needed and you'd be surprised how happy and complete I felt when I got it. To be able to FINALLY relax comfortably in the living room as I prop my feet on the coffee table and turn on the TV? Oh. My. Goodness. Pure joy, if you ask me! (And pure joy for Ellie and Kingston, too.)

2015 Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy | craftycarmen

Another big moment in July is that I've finally seen the Larry O'Brien championship trophy up close and personal! OK, no, but it was a perk when you become an official Golden State Warriors season ticket holder. Yes, that's right -- a season ticket holder. There are currently 17,000+ people on the priority waitlist. I joined when it was approximately at 5,000 prior to the start of last season. After a convincing call with a sales rep, I was sold. I've held off for a long time because it seemed like such a huge commitment AND investment. But I feel like now is the right time, and plus, if I didn't do it now, I would have to go to the back of the line, meaning I probably wouldn't be able to get tickets until four years from now. Now I'm just looking forward to the next season even more and feeling relieved for not having to worry about attending Opening Night because of crazy prices, like what happened last season.

Andre Iguodala at Microsoft Windows 10 Launch | craftycarmen

So this isn't a "new beginning" per se, but I was ecstatic to finally have met Andre Iguodala! In late July, Microsoft did meet and greets with athletes/musicians across the country to celebrate the launch of Windows 10 and it was Andre for the Santa Clara, CA location. In order to meet him, you had to be the first 150 people in line and that line "starts" at 7am. It sounded so crazy, but I really wanted to go because I've never seen him do any type of meet and greets. As you can see, SUCCESS! I told him congratulations and also asked for a hug. Just like all of the other Warriors players I've met, he was very nice. And NO. I was NOT freaking out inside. At. All... Can't you tell?

Taylor Swift: 1989 World Tour at Santa Clara, CA | craftycarmen

And August? I can't even remember what happened, except more moving and staying busy. I did, however, go to the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour in Santa Clara. This was my first time seeing her and she is pretty awesome live! At each of her show for this tour, she performs a song with a surprise guest, and ours was Little Mix. I feel indifferent about them -- I would've loved for her to bring out someone I actually listen to or someone who is bigger (other guests she has had are Nick Jonas, John Legend, One Republic, etc). When Taylor did "Style," however, she brought out Joan Baez and the one and only Julia Roberts, which *I* thought was pretty exciting.

Korean Fried Rice | craftycarmen

Now that I've finally settled into my new place, and being forced to cook for myself, I foresee some new recipes on this blog. This kimchi fried rice I made earlier recently was a successful and delicious "let's make something I found on Pinterest" meal, so I'm completely proud of myself. This also means I'm officially saying goodbye to those $9.99+ kimchi fried rice at Korean restaurants. I will most likely put this recipe on the blog next time I make it!

So that wraps up all the crazy for the last two months. So many things going on, and this is only the beginning.'Til then!