The Best Eats

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I am beyond excited to introduce the new FOODIE GUIDES here at craftycarmen! I often get asked for food recommendations and while I post many of them on Instagram, they are scattered throughout my feed and I don't necessarily post every single dish. While I do blog about places to eat from time to time, this won't stop me from blogging about food because hi. I love food. BUT. These should be helpful for all, including myself.

The guides are currently sorted based on location, starting with the following:

SAN FRANCISCO and the surrounding area: Because I live in the Bay Area, this will absolutely be my biggest guide of them all and will be updated the most often.

LOS ANGELES and the surrounding area: My next biggest guide will be Los Angeles because it's the area that I visit the most.

U.S.As I slowly eat my way around the country, here are the rest of the places I've been to.

The best eats is absolutely one of the things I always look for when I'm traveling, so here's to hopefully more guides for more cities in the near future. And of course, if you have any food recommendations, for any city, give me a holler!