Continuing That Kitchen Magic

The Seasoned Life by Ayesha Curry | craftycarmen

Yep. Thanks to The Seasoned Life from Ayesha Curry, I've been not only busier in the kitchen, but I've been proudly piping out delicious home-cooked meals. I continue to be amazed with how the recipes are so easy to follow, and how they all turn out so tasty! As I mentioned before, I usually just stick to what I already know or throw whatever I have on hand together and call it a meal (you know, those meals that you might not necessary feed others with, but it works for you... that day, anyway). So to be able to come out with these dishes, it's a pretty proud feat for me.

Onto the deliciousness...

Grilled Spice Chicken and Asparagus with Parsley-Mint Sauce | craftycarmen


This dish was amazing! This is essentially cooking 101, but definitely make sure your chicken breasts are thin, or else it will take a lot longer than 4-6 minutes to cook per side.

That sauce? AMAZING! In the book, Ayesha says, "I spoon it on everything from from grilled fish to sandwiches and salads, and have even used it as a dip." No kidding -- this sauce was amazing. As I was eating it, all I was thinking was the endless possibilities with this sauce. And that came sooner than expected -- with the sauce being good for up to one week in the fridge, I used it on grilled salmon later in the week, and perfection! I have a sneaky little feeling that this sauce would be excellent on fish or shrimp tacos. Mmm... the thought of it is already mouthwatering.

Roasted Broccolini + Herb-Roasted Potatoes with Lime | craftycarmen


If you need to make some veggies (and yes, you do), these two are excellent. Per Ayehsa's recommendation, I drizzled balsamic vinegar on the roasted broccolini to give it a tangy twist. I have thing for sour/tangy food, so you bet I squeezed extra lime onto the potatoes. So. Good.

Easy Pan Steaks with Red Wine-Braised Onions & Mushrooms | craftycarmen


I have a constant dilemma with cooking steak. I can never get it to the perfect medium rare, even with this trick or a thermometer. More often than not, it always turns out medium or even well done. I'm just incapable... BUT! I was pretty darn close with this one. Ayesha provides specific steps on how to get the perfect medium rare and of course, I, as always, was paranoid and left it for a minute or so too long. Had I taken out exactly when she said to, I most likely would've finally achieved it. Oh well, next time!

My, oh my though. She isn't kidding when she says "easy pan" steak. Yes, you can always just throw it on the grill, and call it a day, but unless you're a steak master, that might not be as easy as it sounds. This recipe was so easy and quick -- you'll have a perfect medium rare steak in less just eight minutes.

To accompany the steak, I made Ayesha's Red Wine-Braised Onions and Mushrooms. It was really my first time cooking with wine, and it went well! I also had extra broccolini and potatoes, so I figured this would be the best time to cook them again before they go bad, making it a complete perfect meal.

Alright, until next time in the kitchen!